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7th IST Call to be published in June/July 2001


NEW: A timetable for the evaluation and negotiation of proposals to IST call 7 is now available. This document contains important information for all partipants in proposals for call 7. We therefore strongly recommend that all proposers read the document and note the timetable and the requirements for documentation neeeded for the completion of negotiation described therein. Click here to download the Timetable for evaluation and negotiation for IST call 7.

Note: The IST programme strongly encourages pre-registration of proposals. Please use the pre-registration form in the Guide for proposers part 2. The deadline for pre-registration for call 7 is: 3rd October, 2001.
NOTE: Correct proposal delivery address Please use this address label in case of paper proposal submission:

The IST Programme
The Research Proposal Office
Square Frère Orban/Frère Orbanplein 8
B-1040 Brussels

Reminder: Failure to use the above address exactly as it is reproduced here could lead to delays in having your proposal received by the IST Programme, and could correspondingly lead to your proposal not being received before the deadline.


Additional user guidance

To prepare a proposal for this call, you will require:
Call text en pdf
IST Work Programme 2001 en doc
Guide for Proposers:
Part 1 (Common) Version January 2001 en doc
  Fixed Deadline Calls
Part 2A: RTD Actions (including INCO Bursaries) en doc
Part 2B: Take-Up Actions en doc
Part 2C: Support Measures en doc
  Continuous Submission Scheme
Part 2D: FET Open en doc
Part 2E: Support Measures en doc
  Grant Applications
Part 2F: Grants (Partial support for Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Exhibitions) en doc
Proposal Preparation Tool (Electronic Submission)
  Proposal Submission Forms - PDF (Part A) 1

Download the individual components:
Additional Reference documents:
  • Evaluation Manual
  • Main Text and Annexes A-G (Edition 14.07.2000)
  • Annex H: Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources (Edition 08.06.2001)
  • Annex I: User-Friendly Information Society (Edition 30.09.1999)
  • Annex J: Competitive and Sustainable Growth (Edition 14.07.2000)
  • Annex K: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" (Edition 14.07.2000)
  • Annex L: Confirming the International Role of Community Research (Edition 14.07.2000)
  • Annex M: Promotion of Innovation and Encouragement of the Participation of SMEs (Edition 15.05.2001)
  • Annex N: Improving Human Research Potential and the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base (Edition 14.07.2000)

Additional user guidance

Most documents are available in PDF and DOC (WORD97) format. For space and transmission reasons the DOC files have been compressed (zipped). If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat or WORD 97 or higher installed on your computer, please see the instructions below.

PDF files: In order to view documents in Portable Document Format, you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or above (free of charge).

DOC files: In order to view documents in WORD97, you will need to download the WORD97 Viewer (free of charge).

Minimum browser requirements

Please note that during peak hours (10:00 - 17:00 C.E.T.) the download time might be slow and we therefore encourage users to try again at another time.

(1) Part 2 of the Guide for Proposers contains the programme-specific forms (Parts B & C). The Administrative Forms (Part A) required for the different measures supported under the call must be downloaded separately.

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