Public One Day Seminar and Workshop
Thursday 6th May 1999

A European Methodology for Project Risk Management

An Outcome of the RiskDRIVER Project?

This seminar will be of interest to anyone involved in Project Management. It will provide an update on what is happening around the world with respect to the management of risk in projects. The day will be orientated around a practical workshop and will provide lots of usable and practical tips and advice. The day will consist of three sessions. The first morning session will be informative and provide background and some theory. The second morning session will be thought provoking and is likely to lead to a whole new way in which you will approach the subject of risk. The afternoon session will consist of a workshop exercise followed by a discussion and the conclusions of the day.


Morning session 1 - Standards and Methodologies for Project Management and the place of Risk Management within them.
This session will examine the accepted the modern structured approach to project management and discuss standards and guidelines originating from the UK, USA, France and Germany. It will look at the role of risk management, and will provide a structured process suggesting the likely future role that risk management will be given.


Morning session 2 - What is Project Risk? - some difficulties, pitfalls and advice
This session will question the accepted concept of risk in a very fundamental way, even challenging the dictionary definition. We will discuss opportunity risks as well as threat risks and provide a means of distinguishing between worries, issues and risks. Having learned to define risks correctly, delegates will find that it is quite easy to quantify and analyse risk, but will also appreciate that most people (including most of the experts) are very confused about the subject and often come to totally wrong conclusions.


Afternoon session 3 - Workshop and discussion
Delegates will use a practical scenario to simulate brainstorming of worries, a sample of which will be analysed and classified as issues and risks. A structured discipline for the management of issues will be suggested. The methods available for analysing the risks will be discussed and a structured process be outlined. Software tools available to assist will be discussed, time permitting.
The day will end with the drawing of conclusions and a summary of what has been gained.

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