Trust and Confidence in the IST programme

Infoday related to the 8th call for proposals

14 December 2001

Research and Development Division
Ministry of Education
H-1052 Budapest
Szervita ter 8. Room 218


10:00  Welcome – Dr. Gabor Szabo deputy state secretary
10:15 Trust and Confidence in the IST programme 
“Call 8 in Key Action II and preparation towards FP6”
Mr. Thierry Van der Pyl, Head of Unit, European Commission.
11:00 “eEurope Smart Card – Objectives and Deliverables” - Dr. Lutz Martiny co-chair of eEurope SmartCards, chair of EUROSMART.
11:30  IST-2000-25012 PKI-C Project: “The PKI-Challenge project” - Mr. Frank Jorissen – to be confirmed
12:00  IST-2000-29202 DDSI Project: “Dependability Development Support Initiative - An International Consortium Supporting the European Community” - Mr. Walstrom, project co-ordinator
12:30  “Security and e-commerce IST projects in South-Eastern Europe” - Speaker to be confirmed
13:00  Lunch
14:00  “First years of participation in the IST - a Hungarian view” - Ms. Marietta Roska ISTC delegate 
14:15  “The main activities in Hungary related to T&C and Smart Cards” - Representative of the prime Minister’s Office
Dr. Sandor Kurti, vice-president, Federation of the Hungarian IT Enterprises 
Mr. Zsolt Szabadvary - EDIPORT 
14:45  “Consultations on questions of project preparation, partnering, joining running projects…”
 Mr. Vilmos Bognar - NCP for IST in Hungary
 Ms. Eva Feuer Idealist-Hungary: ISTOK