Budapest conference to discuss FP6 for Switzerland and candidate countries

21- 23 November 2002
in Budapest, Hungary

A conference to discuss the significance of the Sixth Framework programme for research (FP6) for Switzerland and central and eastern European EU candidate countries will take place in Budapest, Hungary, from 21 to 23 November 2002.

'Together for the future', organised by the Ministry of science, research and the arts of the State of Baden-Württemburg, Germany, will discuss moves to increase research cooperation under FP6 and the role of associated countries in making the European research area (ERA) a reality.

Since June 2002, Switzerland has been associated to EU research
activities, and the corresponding bilateral agreement for FP5 will be
renegotiated to allow full participation in the 6th Research Framework Programme. The candidate countries are already associated with the EU's Fifth Framework programme, FP5, and are equally entitled to take part in EU research.

Workshops will present cooperation projects already underway. There will also be opportunities for networking and partner searching for future activities.

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