Joint Conference -
Assessment and Qualification in a European Learning Community

Joint Conference of two EU Projects: EQN - Plato

Budapest, Hungary
15-16 October 2007

EQN (European Quality Network) has developed quality rules for educational programs to be accepted. Quality rules relate to skills architecture, course
syllabus, test questions and certification rules for exam bodies, training organizations and trainers. EQN provides a computer supported infrastructure for online
self assessment, online training and test (with automated corrections) for a pool of professions. EQN targets the EQF (European Qualification Framework)
level 4 and 5 courses to continuously train people at the work place in the practical application of skills in an industry environment and to transfer the skills to further
industry areas. EQN is founding the EU Certificates Association and the general assembly takes place on 16th October 2007 at the conference.

Location: MTA SZTAKI, 1132 Budapest XIII., Victor Hugo u. 18-22, Hungary

The PLATO project has developed an integrated system which enables users to have their prior learning assessed online via a portfolio-style assessment methodology , to have learning gaps automatically identified based on an initial assessment of their learning evidence, to have a customized learning path created to address those gaps
via a range of online content and activities. The system has been piloted in a number of EU member states (Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Ireland and Spain) in traditional accredited courses, standard work placements and mobility projects, and in partnerships between industry and higher education. The system has been used by some EQN professions to offer online services.

Location: Corvinno Technology Transfer Ltd., Kempelen Farkas Student Information and Resource Centre, Reviczky u. 6., 1088 Budapest, Hungary

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