Welcome to the homepage of the IST Liaison Office (ISTOK) and Hungarian IDEAL-IST.
Ideal-ist finds partners for Organisations wishing to participate in the European Union’s Information Society Technologies Programme (IST). The Ideal-ist network has 34 representatives in the 25 Member States, Candidate States and Associated States, as well as Russia and Belarus.



You can download ProTool, Plug-ins and Java Virtual Machine here

How to install ProTool and related software

  Step 1 - Files to install
  Step 2 - Installing the Java Virtual Machine
  Step 3 - Installing ProTool
  Step 4 - Importing JVM into ProTool
  Step 5 - Adding a plug-in

Hardware requirements
On Intel-based platforms running Windows 95/98/NT, the minimum configuration is a Pentium 166MHz with 32MB RAM and 10MB of free space on the hard disk. The recommended configuration is Pentium II 233MHz with 64MB RAM and 20MB of free space on the hard disk.


The Hungarian contact point of IDEAL-IST and of the Hungarian IST Liaison Office is Eva Feuer
      at MTA SZTAKI the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
              The address of this Hungarian homepage  is  <http://istok.sztaki.hu>.
         The address of the homepage of the IDEAL-IST network is  <http://www.ideal-ist.net>.
                        Webmaster: Marx Attiláné <agi.marx@sztaki.hu>.